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The type of problem with no known solution is called an inventive problem and may contain contradictory requirements.  At a minimum, Altshuller felt a theory of invention should satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Be a systematic step-by-step procedure.
  2. Be a guide through a broad solution space to direct to the ideal solution.
  3. Be repeatable and reliable and not dependent on psychological tools.
  4. Be able to access the body of inventive knowledge.
  5. Be able to add to the body of inventive knowledge.
  6. Be familiar enough to inventors by following the general approach to problem solving.

TRIZ is rapidly gaining popularity as a robust methodology for defining and resolving difficult contradictions that stand as barriers to product, process and business innovation.  As such, TRIZ isn’t only a tool for researchers and scientists, as it has been in the past.  Today TRIZ Is used to generate creative solutions in a variety of corporate settings under a variety of circumstances.


  1. Explain TRIZ as a problem-solving methodology.
  2. Define the levels of innovation and explain their importance.
  3. Understand and explain psychological inertia.
  4. Identify and define problems in terms of contradictions.
  5. Resolve contradictions using the contradiction matrix theory, separation principles and the systems approach.
  6. Understand and practice a number of key TRIZ elements, such as:
    1. Zones of conflict.
    2. Functional analysis.
    3. Systems constraints.
    4. The ideal final result and ideality.
    5. The utilization of resources.


  • Technicians
  • Executives
  • Engineers
  • Quality Personnel


  • Participants are encouraged to bring problems and contradictions from their organizations and apply into the theories taught in class straightaway for solutions.
  • The unique hallmark of all MYMC’s courses is that we do not teach in a vacuum as a detached system but highly interactive, engaging through lectures and exercises thus transferring knowledge and applicability.


  • 2 days in-house - 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Training Fee – SBL Claimable (inclusive of training fees, materials and certificate of attendance).


Day One

  1. Introduction
    • What is TRIZ?
    • What does TRIZ offer?
    • How TRIZ works?
    • Problem solving - Resolving defined problems.
  2. A New Approach To Problem Solving
    • Common features of good solutions
    • Moving from the problem to the ideal final result
  3. Clarify The Tradeoff Behind A Problem
    • What are tradeoffs and inherent contradictions?
  4. Moving From tradeoffs To Inherent Contradiction
    • How to formulate the inherent contradiction
    • How to intensify the inherent contradiction
  5. Psychological inertia.

Day Two

  1. Eliminating Contradictions
    • Technical contradictions
    • Physical contradictions
    • The contradiction matrix and systems approach
  2. The Impossible Often Is Possible : How To Increase The Ideality Of The System
    • The law of increasing ideality
    • Constructing solutions from resources
  3. How To Separate The Best From The Rest : A Simple And Effective Tool For Evaluation Of Solutions
    • Evaluation criteria
    • Measures of evaluation
    • Improvement of solutions
  4. Patterns Are Powerful Tools For System Development
  5. Principles For Innovation : 40 Ways To Create Good Solutions
  6. How To Improve Business With TRIZ
    • Typical obstacles to the adoption of TRIZ
    • Implementation steps
    • Integrating TRIZ with other methodologies
  7. Conclusion.
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