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This course is intended to provide powerful knowledge to the technical and operations staff to make their workplaces more productive, simpler and satisfying.  It is about how to do equipment, product or model change in a shortest time possible.

SMED is critical for any company that wants to save cost of manufacturing, since they make it possible to switch models easily.  The approach used is known as SMED which is “Single-Minute Exchange of Die”. SMED has been used to reduce changeover time from 3 hours to less than 30 minutes.

This course is suitable to reduce set up time for any machine eg. Moulding machines, press machines, stamping machines, SMT machines, auto insertion machines, packaging machines, glove dipping machines and others.


  • Maintenance Technicians, Engineers, Managers
  • Industrial / Production Technicians, Engineers, Managers


  • 3 days (in-house) – 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Please note that this course must be conducted at the selected machine.
  • Training Fee – SBL Claimable (inclusive of training fees, materials and certificate of attendance).


  1. A classroom for team member’s discussion and film analysis.
  2. Machine to be available during the studies.
  3. A video camera.  Mega Yield Management Consultancy can provide if needed.
  4. A LCD projector.


  • To find and eliminate set up waste
  • To find and drastically reduce change over times to approximately 30% to 50% from Stage 1 and some Stage 2 improvements in just 3 days.
  • Identification of Stage 3 area of improvements for long term.


  • Seminar
  • Practical exercises
  • Film analysis before and after SMED
  • Implementation


Day One

  1. Process study of change over.  Model change or machine set-up for any machine including Injection Moulding machine.
  2. Set-up process analysis.
  3. Document changeover.
  4. Time study of process of changeover.
  5. Video filming of model change.
  6. View film and discussion

Day Two

  1. Quick Changeover: Key to Lead time reduction
  2. Define changeover time
  3. Step by step improvement – Stage 1 improvemen
    = Internal set ups
    = External set ups
  4. 5 Why Analysis (especially for adjustments and set up problem solving)
  5. Document Ideas
  6. Implementation tips
  7. Quick changeover results.
  8. Film Analysis of current activities.
  9. Application of single minute change of Die (SMED) – Stage 2 improvement.

Day Three

  1. Identify internal set-ups Stage 1.
  2. Convert internal set-ups to external where possible – Stage 2
  3. Implement new process.
  4. Film new method of machine set-up or model change.
  5. Time study.
  6. Generate projects for further improvements after the course.
  7. Stage 3 – generate ideas to streamline all aspects of set up.
  8. Measure process improvement.
  9. Write new standard operating procedure.
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