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Poka-Yoke is Japanese for mistake-proofing developed by a Japanese Industrial Engineer, Shigeo Shingo.   The Practice of Poka-Yoke then arose in the Japanese manufacturing community to enhance the quality of products by preventing mistakes in the production line for achieving Zero Defects.

The concept is simple.  If mistakes are not permitted to enter the production line, then quality will be high and rework low.  The result increases customer satisfaction and lower cost at the same time.  The end result is high customer value and better profit margin.  Therefore, this course will equip the participants with powerful Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to make their workplace more productive and satisfying. 


  • Improve Human and Machine performance.
  • Leads to Zero defects.
  • Eliminate wastes related to Quality problems.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.


  • Process / Industrial/ Design Engineers
  • Manufacturing and Quality Executives / Supervisors / Technicians
  • Facilities and Maintenance Engineers / Supervisors / Technicians


  • 2 days in-house - 9.00am to 5.00pm
  • Training Fee – SBL Claimable (inclusive of training fees, materials and certificate of attendance).


  • Seminars
  • Group presentations / Discussions
  • Pre & Post test
  • Practical on Production Floor / Gemba



  1. Introduction to Error-Proofing
    • Learning Objectives
    • Why Mistake Proofing
  2. Elements of Production
    • Operator
    • Materials
    • Method
    • Machines
    • Information
  3. ZQC Inspection Techniques
    • Successive checks ; Self checks; Source inspection
  4. Errors And Defects
  5. Types of Errors
  6. Error Provoke Conditions
  7. Team Exercise – Error Provoke Conditions Identifications
  8. Develop Mistake Proofing Devices
    • Improvement cycle
    • Reliable method
    • 7 steps to mistake proofing
  9. 7-Steps to mistake proofing
  10. 8 principles of basic improvement


  1. Improvement guidelines and examples
    • Function of mistake proofing devices
    • Types of devices
    • Levels of intervention
    • Examples and redesigns
  2. Types of Mistake Proofing Devices
  3. Examples of Poka-Yoke Applications
  4. Learning from Poka Yoke examples
  5. Development of Poka-Yoke Team
  6. Doctrines and Attitude of Poka-Yoke Team
  7. Group Discussion.
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