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Message From the Founder

Dr Andrew Jebamani - B.Sc. (Industrial Engineering), MBA, MCIM (UK), LBC - Sensei, PhD

Lean Business Solutions (LBS), formerly known as Mega Yield Management Consultancy (MYMC) was founded in 1997 with a grand purpose to provide practical training and consultancy to improve productivity in Malaysia and the Asian region as a whole.

LBS is synonymous with World Class Manufacturing for improved productivity and to have that competitive edge in today’s rapidly advancing manufacturing sector.   We identify and eliminate non-value-added activities through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in pursuit of perfection.

Our pool of qualified consultants under the experienced and dynamic leadership of Dr Andrew Jebamani is able to impart well tested and usable concepts that participants can adopt to create their own World Class Companies with increased and improved productivity. A trainer and consultant since 1995, Dr Andrew was awarded the Shingo Prize Examiner for Operational Excellence, USA (2007) and Lean Bronze Certification, USA (2008).  He brings with him a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject of World Class Manufacturing.  Starting from his "hands-on" production experience, he expertly weaves in the new knowledge-driven economy production paradigms to enable participants to appreciate why these techniques are so important in helping companies to compete in the global economy.

Technologies change and grow; they expand to become leaner and eliminate non-value-added processes. We minimize the consumption of resources that add no value to a product and develop new, lower cost manufacturing practices. At LBS, we adapt to meet the needs of our customers and to create a one-of-a-kind practical training and consultancy experience. 

We offer a large selection of expertise for all your training needs, clear purpose, a meaningful mission and shared values, increase earnings and provide staying power in today’s markets. Our courses may only take you a few hours/days to complete yet the rewards that come from it last a lifetime. If you are looking for genuine improvement in your processes, we would be the right choice.

Dr Andrew Jebamani
Director of Lean Business Solutions PLT

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