Lean Business Solutions PLT (LLP0003236-LGN)

Our Principles

R - Results we deliver
A - Agility in delivery
I - Innovative approach applied
N - Never-ending improvement we offer
Y - Yield maximization for our customer is our priority

We are one of the pioneers in "continuous process improvement consultancy" in SEA. Over the years, we have become a major provider of consultancy in SMED/Quick Changeover, Lean, TPM and other process improvements initiatives in South East Asia region. Among the growing list of prominent clients, which have benefited from Lean Business Solutions's quality consultancy and trainings are Mattel Ltd, Dell Computers, Intel, Alcatel, Honda, Sanyo Automedia, Kimberly Clark, B Braun Medical Ind. and many more. LBS has also successfully spread its wings to India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and is fast becoming one of the preferred "continuous improvement consultancy" provider.

We have garnered priceless experiences in helping companies achieve their performances targets. Be it productivity or quality. We personally guarantee the quality of our consultancy and training services and strongly believe with the help from our experienced professional team of consultants and trainers, your company would be able to achieve higher levels of productivity and performances.


  • Learn the ‘Best in Class’ for quality, cost and delivery system from TPS.
  • Engage large numbers of people in the Lean journey.
  • Remove obstacles to achieve World Class Performance.
  • Add value to your organization by unlocking your human potential.
  • Raise your company to a higher level of practice and performance.

Together, let’s create some world class companies through Lean Manufacturing applications.  We are here to provide you the mastery of Lean Manufacturing.

We provide in-house trainings and/or consultations and conduct lean Transformation projects on 18 World Class practical workshops.

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