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The consultant will fully participate in the entire project and personally train and lead one small team for the project. He will take the team through the entire project operation. The in-house team will eventually be able to sustain and continue to make improvements upon completion of the project

First of all, the consultant will spend 2 days (after training), to fully understand your company’s measurement of productivity, quality, lead time, machine downtime and man-hour calculation, which are considered the pulse points of any company. We will put that in order or take it to higher standards during the improvement phase.

Current Value stream mapping will be the starting point. I will walk with the team members on the shop floor to do the current VSM. This will be like a blood test for the plants’ processes. All problems that exists in the process will be clearly seen. The consultant will then lead the members of the team with the management in a brainstorm session to decide what kind of a future the company desires. Then we will make the Future state map. After which we will move on with real time improvements to achieve the future state.

The method the consultant will follow will be to teach the team members a step and assign them to continue after the consulting days in the week. In the next week, the consultant will review their work and accept or point out the mistakes if any. They have to be corrected before moving into the next step. The team leader is welcomed to communicate with the consultant should they need to clarify on any doubt while the consultant is not at the site.

We recommend the team members to be composed of 2 from production, 1 from QC, 1 engineering or technical expert and 1 planner. All team members should participate in the entire project regardless of the department they come from. One of them should be selected as a leader.

During the improvement phase, the consultant’s focus will be on shorter cycle time, zero defects, zero waiting time and also zero machine downtime. It is also compulsory to minimize machine set up time.

With this in focus, you can expect a 50% improvement in your operations or produce 50% more products. Here, we will raise the bar for your company’s pulse points. The team members and top management must be 100% committed for high achievement such as this.

By undertaking a project in your company, Lean Business Solutions PLT will systematically study, analyze and critically examine the methods and movements involved in the performance of existing ways of doing work.  The objective is to find better and easier ways of doing things to improve efficiency, productivity and quality.  Ultimately, we shall aim to produce projects/products in a much shorter cycles.


  1. To produce projects/products in shorter cycle/lead times, approximately 50% and above.
  2. You can produce more outputs in a given time without increasing resources.

The following processes will be studied:

  1. Material storage (in and out)
  2. All processes involved to produce your product

According to your requirement


  1. Capacity studies on all areas of production.
  2. Select and form a small team.
    • Train the small team in all aspects of the project (OJT).
  3. Conduct motion studies and time studies on all parts on all the above processes.
  4. Examine critically of all activities and construct current maps
  5. Brainstorm and construct Future Maps
  6. Development of solutions by Kaizen
    • Formulation of alternative methods, tactics and process flow wherever necessary.
  7. Recommendations of improved methods.
  8. Computation of standard time. .
  9. Calculation of man-hours
  10. On-The-Job training of operators and supervisors on recommended improved methods.
  11. Follow-up – Review and monitor the new methods upon implementation.
  12. Take corrective actions where necessary.
  13. Stabilize new process


  • Studies to be conducted on project that is in progress.
  • Ensure no shortage of material.
  • All operators and staff involved in the project to be well oriented before the commencement of the project to gain support.
  • All costs of investments on new jigs, tools or layout changes will be borne by the customers.


  • Duration – usually 12 months, depending on the nature of your project
  • Fees to be determined according to your project  
  • The consultant will be at the site 2 days a week.
  • Consulting hours will be 10.30am to 5.30pm
    • Please take note that we shall at all time protect your plant’s confidentiality and adhere to your rules and policies. We assure you of our best services at all times.
  • The fee is inclusive of the following:
    • Flights/transportation
    • Accommodation


  1. Value stream mapping for all major products
    1. Current map
    2. Future map (in the 2 months)
    3. Realization of the future map via Kaizen
  2. Study current level of performance
    • Measure current efficiency
    • Record current conditions
  3. Restudy standard time
    • Conduct work study
    • Conduct work measurement using Time Study
  4. Line balancing
    • Determine exact number of operators required
    • Balance the line between processes
  5. Operator Training
    • Train operators to use correct work motions and sequence on their workplaces
  6. Supervisor training
    • Train supervisors to look at key factors which contribute to the required output.
    • Improve Communication Skills
  7. Line set-up
    • Reset production line under study according to new balance.
    • Create a smooth flow on the line and reduce work in process
  8. Workplace improvement
    • Re-layout the workplace if necessary
    • Eliminate unnecessary motions
    • Improve jigs and fixtures
  9. Implement new process
    • Set-up the line to produce the desired quantity
  10. Monitor new process
    • To enable the line to produce the desired quantity
    • Ensure the small group is able to maintain the new set-up
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