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Mr Ravichandran

Mr Ravichandran

Mr Ravichandran has more than 20 years experience in the manufacturing, trading, logistics & transport industry from Malaysia and United Kingdom such as Barkath Group of Companies, Naza Group of Companies, Malaysia Airlines, Composites Technology Research Malaysia, Eagle Aircraft Malaysia, Argos Distributors UK, Makro Hypermarket UK, Shell Retail UK. His wide expertise include working with companies of any size from start-up to Multi National Companies covers full logistics spectrum from Raw Material Procurement to Physical Distribution, Finance, Customer Service, Total Quality Management, Business Development, Project Management and eventually Corporate Training.

Over a decade in corporate training with participants trained by him are from small, medium& multi national organizations ranging from senior managers, business owners, working professionals to undergraduates. The organizations such as Flextronic Technology, Schenker Stains Logistics, Events Malaysia, Sochin Electronic, Infieneon Technology, MFS Technology, Cubic Electronic, NEC Semiconductor, Nilai Inland Port, Kontena Nasional, Rajang Port Authority, Penang Port,  Kuantan Port, Maybank, DHL Logistics, MAS Kargo, Panasonic Malaysia, Caltex Oil Malaysia, Carrier Malaysia, McDonald’s Malaysia, MAS Catering etc has been trained by him.                                 

Mr Ravichandran has contributed to the success of many projects and programmes. His training style is refreshing and energetic, relaxing his audiences whilst inspiring them to take action. An innovative, pragmatic and results oriented in his approach. He enthuses his clients by always providing a practical style presentation of his material in a comprehensive, easy to use format of ideas that work and instill a sense of urgency to produce results.

He holds a Masters of Science in Operations Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Transport Management both from United Kingdom. A member of The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, UK and Institute of Management, UK since 1994.

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