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What our customers says

  1. ."The results obtained through Dr Andrew's efforts has been outstanding. We have seen a major reduction from about 1% when the project was started to current level of less than 0.2%. He has shown great resourcefulness to tackle cross functional issues including people resistance to the project."
    -Datuk Simon Wong – Vice President & MD – Dell Asia Pacific Sdn
  2. "The success of the project is very much a result of a hands-on approach on the shop floor and following up on the action plans.  This is where Dr Andrew stands out from most other consultants and I do not hesitate to recommend him to other companies who are looking for a Management Consultant they can truly rely on."
    Mr Jorn Poulsen – Managing Director – Camfil Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  3. "We have transformed our manufacturing operation from line to cell successfully. We are able to achieve double productivity in our PCB MI line, and a significant improvement in our final assembly operation."
    -Mr Foong Kin Wah – General Manager – IQ Group Sdn Bhd
  4. "We greatly appreciate Dr Andrew Jebamani for training our staff and implementing SMED Stage 1 on our machines. We saved 85% of set-up time over 3 days."
    -Mr Chew Kar Hing – Engineering Manager – Kian Joo Can Factory Bhd
  5. "An excellent course – opening to the new world of seeing things."
    -Mr Hamdan Bin Mohamad – Komag USA (M) Sdn
  6. "After attending this course, I already have some vision to make the process / activities in production floor to be more value-added, further eliminating the waste."
    -Mr Fizal Johan Bin Che Sab – Komag USA (M) Sdn
  7. "A good and useful course to improve the company's manufacturing system."
    - Ms Lee Pui Ying – R & D Senior Chemist - UAC Berhad
  8. "Dr Andrew taught us the Lean way of doing our daily job."
    -Ms Shanthi Retnam – Supervisor - Welding Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
  9. "This training is a new skill for me and I will be applying this method in solving my work in future."
    -Shubhiah Sudin – HR Dept – Armstrong Auto Parts Sdn Bhd

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